VisAcT chemical structure and human scan

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CellSight is developing a suite of PET tracers targeted at visualizing immune response early in a patient's immunotherapy regimen.

Our lead PET imaging tracer targeted at imaging activated T cells is a Fluorine 18 labeled analog of an FDA approved drug ArabinoFuranosylGuanine [18F]F-AraG, trade name VisAcT. VisAcT does not care about the type of immunotherapy regimen being administered adoptive cell therapy, checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines or a combination of immunotherapy and conventional medicines. VisAcT hones in on and images activated T cells that are critical to any immune modulated therapy.

CellSight's VisAcT PET tracer is currently undergoing clinical trials at University of California San Francisco and will be used to image cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy.